Procedual quad doesnt display texture - only single color

Hey there fellas,

so here is the deal. Its really not that complicated at all:

I have a custom mesh I generated. Looks like this:


As you can see it is just a quad.

Verts: (0|0) (1|0) (1|2) (0|2)

Now, I want to apply a simple checkerboard texture to this. As you can see though the mesh is completely white. Here is the material, as well as the texture import settings:

I can make the quad turn completely black if I mess with the offset values on the material, but the texture will never correctly apply.

It will however correctly display if I use the default 1x1 quad. So the problem must be in the fact that this quad is procedual.

Messing with tiling and offset did not help. I couldnt find anything in the import settings either.

Any ideas? :smiley:

Vertices don’t determine texture coordinates, you need to set the uvs along with the verts :stuck_out_tongue: