Procedural isometric tile map

Hello guys,

i have a questions about how to implement an isometric tile map via code.

Im not sure what is the correct approach:

i already have a grid of squares made with vertices and triangles to only generate on mesh to make things smooth. (how to: create a four vertex, two tri square polygon in Unity Editor or Script? - Unity Answers)

At this point im totally unsure how i can make this isometric.

My ideas are:

  • Just make an isometric camera and let the map be rectangular
  • Make tisometric Textures and leave the map build up on squares
  • Generate the vertices in such a form so i have isometric looking squares

I want to have a 2d tilemap with 3d models like the player or trees, enemies etc.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

“I want to have a 2d tilemap with 3d models like the player or trees, enemies etc.”

This is a difficult problem. I know this because I built this system.

I recommend for you to use it, since Tiled to Unity is the only pipeline that I know of that handles 3d geometry tiled maps (and is why I built it).

In your case you would make your ground tiles just 2D quads since you want a 2D ground, UV’d to the appropriate space on the texture, then you would make prefabs of every kind of thing that those tiles can spawn. The tutorials I made will show you how to assemble it all.

Then making and tweaking maps is easy with the Tiled editor. (I personally would make a normal square map in Tiled, and then just create an isometric camera)

Best of luck! if you decide to use it, feel free to ask if run into problems.

OH and to make it procedural… basically I would make various small maps sections in Tiled that all can fit together to each other. To make a true procedural map generator will be much much more work… but of course everything is possible. It’s just a question of time.