Procedural Lightning Bolt Particle System Help

Hi All!

I’m new to particle systems, and I’ve ran into a problem trying to use the lightning bolt from the procedural example project

I’m trying to make it thinner and longer. The problem I have is, if I set it too thin, or too far away from the target, the individual particles become visible in the lightning bolt…

I’ve tried all the settings on the Ellipsoid Particle emitter & Particle renderer that make up this Lightning bolt, but to no good effect. Even if I were succesfull though; the targets of the lightning bolt will be at different ranges, within a max range radius…

So the question is a two parter: How do I make the stream look solid when it’s set too thin, or the target is too far away? And, how would I go about making that dynamic, so it compensates for the different ranges of the targets?

Thanks in advance!!

Have you tried using a line renderer or trail emitter?