Procedural meshes: static batching seemingly inoperative. Cause?

During gameplay, I’m procedurally generating a few hundred meshes that each have between a few hundred and two thousand vertices. Each of these is assigned to an instantiated clone of a meshless prefab that is marked as static (checked by its name.) To my understanding, this should enable static batching on the meshes, but “number saved by batching” in the stats window reads zero or close to zero.

I don’t believe this is a dynamic batching situation. Is the full implementation of static batching somehow a pro feature? Or might I need to manually call the StaticBatchingUtility’s combine function?

Firstly, static batching in Unity 4.x requires a Pro licence.

Secondly, to batch objects created at runtime, you’ll need to make use of the StaticBatchingUtility Combine method: Unity - Scripting API: StaticBatchingUtility