Procedural random world blocks and Unity!

Hey everyone, I’ve got a question about the world generation with Unity. I intend to use a system similar to Minecraft, in which you can randomly create blocks for the world. Before you go hating on me, note that I am only interested in the similar world gen mechanics, not interested in a MC clone or the rest of the gameplay. My question is only that is it possible for unity to handle the same kind of system? As in, would it procedurally continue (to some limit) to create random blocks? Would it also be able to do this without severely affecting performance? Also if possible, is there any decent guide or tutorial to get me scripting in the right direction? Not asking how to code (I programmed before), just asking for a little push.

If you Google “Unity Minecraft Tutorial” you’ll find a lot of links. Including this one: Unity Minecraft Tutorial [Part 1] - YouTube