Procedural Skybox no longer working on Android build after Unity 5.3.5f1

I was using the procedural Skybox material for my mobile android game but as soon as I updated my Unity to 5.3.5f1 the build shows all of the procedural Skyboxes as black!

It looks just fine in the editor and I was able to build earlier projects with no issue with the Skybox.

The documentation stated this:

Supported Platforms

As of Unity 5.2, Procedural Materials are currently fully supported for Standalone (Windows, Mac, Linux; both standalone and webplayer), Android and iOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One build targets. Procedural material generation is CPU-based, and works on all hardware configurations on these platforms.

I don’t know if there was some update that broke this? Any help would be awesome!
Thank you.

Found the issue,

The procedural Skybox shader from the standard assets is no longer up to date and conflicts with the one that has been added with the new update.

Deleting the shader from the standard asset package and re selecting the shader for the skybox to procedural material fixed the issue.

The correct shader to use is the internal shader.

Hi there

This is 2019 and I’m having, I think, the same problem.

I can manage a custom skybox with no problem on the editor but
once I make an Android Build, POF !, it desappears :S

And, ok I’m rather new to the unity community but it looks like
the whole Internet is not aware of that problem, nor does it want
to help me with that.

(tried on Android 8 and 9, with procedural skybox materiel as well as 6 sided)
(posted about every where I could think off including here