Procedural Texturing on Multiple Terrain Mesh

I’m building a procedural terrain system and have an issue regarding texturing.
It is meant for a flight simulation game.

That system has nothing to do with the unity built-in terrain system.
the terrain mesh’s are generated by C#.
Iterations are made to fill vertices, triangles, normals and uv’s arrays to create the mesh’s.
I use perlin noise as heightmap.

the system works with 9 tiles ( 3 by 3 )
the user / aircraft is always in the center tile. When the aircraft is moving to another tile, that tile becomes the tile
in the center and other tiles are moving to re-form the 3 by 3 shape ( with the aircraft in the center tile ).

In the current system, each tile is 24000 x 24000 units.
Using proper fog settings i can hide the new terrain tiles poping at the horizon.

All of this is working great, my only problem is about the texturing:
I wrote a very simple Cg shader for the terrain material. Using the multi uv mixing technique, to avoid the tiling texture effect. The shader is using 2 seamless textures, that are “mixed” in many different scales to avoid any visible tiling.
I’m totaly happy with the results but here is my issue:

Every of the 9 tiles are using that same Material, and between each tiles, the texture seam is visible.
I’m looking for a different approch to texture my 9 tiles in a way that we cannot see any texture seams between tiles.

okay, the solution was to modify my shader so it uses world position as UV’s
instead of the 2D textures uv’s! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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