Procedurally generated mesh disappears from certain camera angles

This issue is best explained with a gif, so: alt text

Essentialy I have this procedurally generated mesh, and for some reason in both the editor and the scene view, looking at it from certain angles causes it to not render.

I know it’s not a clipping plane problem - I have the near clipping plane set to the smallest possible value, and I’ve set both the near and far planes to various values to no avail. Also, if it were a clipping plane problem, it wouldn’t be happening in the scene view.

It’s also not an occlusion culling problem - I have that disabled on the camera.

What is going on here? Why is this mesh disappearing? Any help would be much appreciated!

Given you’ve said this is procedurally-generated, my guess is that you are not correctly recalculating the bounds of the mesh, so Unity is culling the renderer because it considers to be out of the camera view.

Can you confirm that you call RecalculateBounds at the last stage of generating your mesh?