Procedurally generated Mesh not updating?

I have a procedurally generated 2D mesh in a 2D scheme.

void ConstructMesh()

	mMesh.vertices = vertices;
	//mMesh.normals = normals;
	mMesh.triangles = triangles;
	mMesh.uv = uvs;

	mMeshFilter.sharedMesh = mMesh;

			//mMesh.Optimize ();

This is called after each update. However, it would appear that it only works once. Basically my script adds quads (2 triangles) in repetition with the intent to create a trail. I see the values updating correctly, but only one quad (The first one) gets displayed.

	mMeshFilter = GetComponent<MeshFilter>();
	mMesh = mMeshFilter.sharedMesh;

The mesh is fetched like this.

Use the built in Line Renderer. I think is does basically what you are trying to do. And, you can change it procedurally at runtime.

I am having the same issue…

I can load in any mesh from an array but only the first one I load actually renders.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!