Proceduraly Generated Levels vs NPC Navigation

I plan on creating a procedural maze crawler with multiple enemies fighting the player in real time.

Unity’s built-in NavMesh cannot be used here, as the level needs to be static - NAvMesh can’t be generated on runtime, nor parted into chunks, which could be merged seamlessly in the procedural level generation process.

How can I make a Navmesh in a proceduraly generated dungeon crawler?

Use Aaron Granberg’s Astart Pathfinding Project, available on the asset store, and there’s also a comprehensive scripting API and user forum for it on his homepage. It comes in free and pro versions. It supports NavMesh, Grid, and Point graphs. All graphs can be created or modified at runtime. If you have a procedurally generated dungeon, you yould just pass it a mesh containing the floor tiles and rescan the graph, easy as that.