Producing Windows notifications in Unity

I’m considering building an application in Unity that is intended to run continually in the background (minimized or behind other windows). While I might be able to get away with purely sound notifications, I’d still like to have visual feedback that the user needs to look at the app. I have seen a few different solutions, but they primarily revolve around the System.Windows.Forms namespace, which I doubt is available for Unity.

Would it be possible to create an icon in the Windows notification bar (be it by external plugin or internal C# code), and use that as a channel to produce pop-up notification balloons?

Related follow-up: would it be possible to minimize the app to that notification icon rather than to the task bar?


If you mean Windows Store build, then it is quite restricted. You may use background tasks, but they don’t allow you to run continuously in the background, only short shots on special events. And you’ll have to create a native plugin for it (built as .winmd and a dll with stubs to allow Unity build your app). But there are good news: now you can use schedule and push notifications for Windows/Windows Phone (as well as for Android & iOS) using our asset UTNotifications. It does all the hard job for you, providing simple API, no need to work with native plugins on your own. Hopefully, it will solve your task.

Best regards,
Yuriy, Universal Tools team.