Profile and Debug a Device

Does profiling and script debugging currently work with a device? I am at the Apple Developer Lab and I am unable to see the device to connect to in the profiler or in Visual Studio when I attempt to script debug. Both devices are on the same network.

We’ve seen it work. Have seen issues on some networks that don’t allow multicasting, or device / computer can’t see eachother for some reason (guest networks etc). See if you can connect directly by IP.

iirc in apple’s labs we had issues … I think they had to do some firewall stuff for us.

Thanks, @thep3000. After some playing around I was able to get the profiler to connect but I cannot see a way to connect Visual Studio for script debugging.

Also, do you know what changes Apple had to make?

We’ve had luck with Rider for script debugging - you can connect directly via ip:port. I think the port the app is listening on will be printed in the xcode log.

I don’t remember exactly what we had apple do. I think our machines couldn’t see the device over the network, so they helped with that. iirc multicasting never worked there so we had to connect directly via IP.

Thanks, @thep3000. Unfortunately, I don’t have Rider and there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect via ip:port using VS for Mac.

necro’ing to mention that AFAIK for profiling Unity recommends RealityKit Traces per Apple’s official documentation