Profiler huge overhead

Hey Guys,

I have a certain project which runs very bad on iPod 4, like 15 fps. The problem is that when I profile it, there is a huge percentage of the performance (over 75%) which is “overhead”. On iPod4, it takes 50-70 ms and on iPod5, it is about 25-30 ms. I really don’t know why. I was wondering if it could be NGUI that was too heavy even though I had not that many elements, so I tried to build an empty scene and see how it performed. Still a huge overhead, around 20-30 ms on iPod4. I tested on Android’s Nexus 4 and the overhead is always around 5 ms. This is a huge difference. It seems like the problem might be with the iOS Devices. Note that the project was built in Unity 4.5.0f6. I tried and profiled another projects which is really bigger than the one that I’m actually in and on the iPod4, the overhead was only about 10ms or less. The project was made in a older version of unity which I don’t remember, but we’re still updating it now. So does some one have any tips on that issue, I really don’t know what to do.

Thanks a lot.


If you get lots of memory warnings, that will highly increase the app Overhead. Reduce the memory required to get rid of them.