Profiler Overhead 90%. What?

What is Overhead? How comes it takes entire 90% (5ms) from the profiler?

Is there way how to reduce this horrible number?

Will gladly give additional information if needed.
I am targeting for PC so no mobile phones.

Vsync is turned Off. It gets me to 30fps.

alt text

The overhead is what editor Profiler and Unity Game engine eats up. Since u are not compiling your entire project to eg. .exe it takes up a lot and decreases fps maybe even 10x than it would normally do.

Other answers on the interwebz seem to suggest that it’s caused by vsync, such as this one:

Looks like it was answered by a Unity employee, so I guess it’s safe to trust that. :wink: If it’s vsync you have nothing to worry about, it’s just Unity waiting for the screen’s refresh rate before it starts rendering the next frame.

You can typically disable it in your video card’s driver settings if you want your game to run full-speed and not be locked at 60 FPS.