Profiler says that game is running at 10ms(100FPS) but on mobile runs at 45FPS.

So im debugging on mobile my game, but it’s running at 40-50 FPS and not 60 FPS. I have an FPS counter in my game and it’s definitely not working at 60 FPS.

However the profiler seems to be pointing out that the game is capable to do so.

And yes, im using the Application.targetFrameRate = 60;

It’s not a huge game so im trying to keep it smoothly.

Am I doing something wrong?

Device info:

Huawei P Smart

Android 8

Unity 2019.1.0f2

I finally fixed the issue. My device was using a FHD+ (2160 x 1080) resolution, which is 2K. Changing that to HD+ (1440 x 720px) did the trick.

Are you sure that your mobile device isn’t deliberately throttling performance? I’ve seen the default for mobile at 30fps specifically for the purposes of conserving battery power. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still being limited by your device’s OS even though you’re asking for a larger demand.