Profiler (Standalone Process) Feedback

Slow startup
Opening the "old" Profiler window happens immediately. Opening the "Profiler (Standalone Process)" window takes about 10 seconds:

It's alright for a beta, but for an actual release this would be unacceptable. I feel kinda stupid pointing it out, but I also feel like I have to, because you have an incredible track record of releasing half-finished work and then have the community beg for years to fix or complete it afterwards. :)

Please don't forget to make the new Profiler start immediately too.

"Stay on top" option
What I really like in the old profiler is that the window stays on top. For example, I can move the profiler window at the bottom, see its graph and use the editor while inspecting the profiler graph at the same time.

The new "Profiler (Standalone Process)" window doesn't support this workflow. If I focus another application, lets say the Unity editor, the profiler windows moves in the background always.

Please add an option to make the "Profiler (Standalone Process)" window stay on top of all windows always. This would make profiling in-editor things much nicer.

This is a real-world problem if you have a single monitor only.


Thanks for your feedback.

Just a few technical clarifications:

1- The standalone profiler is a new instance of Unity (i.e a new process). 10 seconds is the amount of time it takes to start it. We understand it might seem long but Standalone profiler goal is to allow you to measure performance without the profiler having any impact on the profiling data so it has to be in its own process. That said we will try to improve startup time but keep in mind it is like starting a new instance of Unity.

2- Good suggestion. If that can help: since the profiler is another process, it means you can easily use alt-tab OS switching workflow to alternate between main unity and the standalone profiler. This should help when working on single monitor.


I can get behind trying to improve the startup time. Perhaps also not explicitly state "3-4 seconds to launch" in the window that pops up when you launch the standalone profiler, because it can give the impression that it isn't working when it takes longer. It took a couple of minutes on one of my other laptops when I was originally testing it, leading me to believe that Unity had frozen.

Regarding the "stay on top option", please keep it an option if you're looking into it. Because one of the things that annoy me with the current profiler (and Unity's UI in general) is that all Unity related stuff gets moved to the top as soon as the editor gets focus. So I can't have a 2 monitor setup where I have the Unity editor on one screen and the profiler and my code editor on the other monitor, because as soon as focus the Unity editor the profiler window is placed on top of my code editor.