Program Recieved Signal: 0

My app has started crashing on the iPhone, and displaying the "Program recieved signal: "0"" error in Xcode. From what I understand this is a memory issue, however the stats panel says that I'm only using 10 of my alloted 128 MB. The crash always happens when I press this button:

if (GUI.Button (Rect(Screen.width/2+25,Screen.height-30+gameOverY,210,25), " ",fontLabels)) {

This button used to have a different Rect and had a Texture2D rather than being blank, but it always worked fine. Why's it doing this now?

I'm new to Unity. However, in non-Unity development, "program exited with signal:0" means that your app didn't crash but, rather, the OS just terminated it. This typically happens when the app is determined to be using up too many resources, the primary culprit being memory.

So, you MIGHT be getting a memory termination, but think about other "resources" that might result in the same msg.

Also, the button may not be the problem but, rather, the scene that you're loading. Is it possible that your scene uses a lot of memory? Lots of big textures, maybe some that don't fit on the graphics card, lots of high-poly models. Heck, lots of models, period, etc. One way to test this is to back up your scene, then try getting rid of a few big items (the terrain, all the trees, whatever) and see if that fixes it. If so, you've found your culprit.

I've not tried it yet (so don't know if this works) but, if you can run your unity app under Instruments (object allocations), that might be useful.

Sorry, I'm coming from an "expert on iPhone, total-n00b on Unity" POV, and just spouting ideas that might help out.