Programing Difficulties

I’ve been utilising Unity3D (Basic Version) for quite a while now. I have attempted to develop my skills in programming through various tutorials on programming languages like C Sharp and Java to apply to Unity. But all seems oblivious to acquiring this knowledge. So my initial question is ‘‘What methods of learning programming can be used to allow a better ease of gathering this knowledge?’’. Additionally, what programming language would be more suited to a beginner to learn the foundations of programming and how apply this to Unity3D?

i would recommend to start with java and once you grasp the concept you can move on to c# which is a bit more complex but better once you get use to it …

3D buzz tutorials:

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Unity video tutorials and presentations:

Unity official tutorials:

Unifycommunity tutorials:

Unity official example projects (also on the Asset Store): Unity Tutorial Projects | Unity Essentials | Unity Asset Store

I would recommend

It’s quite simple in the beginning and while you advance you can start using the complete Java syntax.
Plus there are a lot of libraries and a good community.