Programmatically create walkthrough

I wanted to know can I create a walkthrough using Unity3D by coding in javascript / C#?

I am looking at a requirement where I have create a walkthrough dynamically without any user intervention. I would be having a final .fbx file which when added to a particular folder a walkthorugh should be created for it. Can it be done in Unity3D without using IDE?

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Fortunately yes, it’s easy.

You can go right ahead and do that.

All you’ll have to do is drop in the new model, and everything will work.

Thete are some details:

(1) do you want the system to be able to FIND THE FRONT DOOR on it’s own, or do you (developer) want to “manually” point to the front door each time, or is it acceptable to just start in a random position?

(2) is it important that the end-user is not able to fly through walls? Or does it not matter? if it DOES matter, you will have to write code that creates essentially triggers, likely, that show where all the walls are. Then, your camera will know to “not go through walls”. Depending on the type of models you are “getting” - they may have this information encapsulated in some way already

hope it helps.

Natra, let me clarify something …

do you want


there is an AI system that , ON IT’S OWN, will FLY A CAMERA through the house.

no matter what model you drop in, THE AI SYSTEM will figure out walls, doors, rooms and so on, and, it will produce a beautiful “fly through”

TO BE CLEAR, the END USER does nothing, they just sit there and the camera flies through every part of the house beautifully.

– or –


for the end user, the app launches. you see the front door of the house.

there are four buttons on the screen. (or some other interface)

the end-user presses the buttons, and, the camera flies around the house.

TO BE CLEAR, the end-user presses buttons {or whatever} to actually fly the camera around.

So! is it “A” or “B”? Thank you!