Programming knife swing

I downloaded a 3d model of a knife from unity asset store, but there is no swing animation.
Is it a good idea to code an “animation” that moves and rotates that knife?
If it is, can anyone show me how should i do that?

Personally, from experience it’s better to use a Model based animation, especially for a first person game.
You can code an animation for sure, but it will never be as clean as an animation.

I’d start with positioning the knife in the player’s hand and use something like this:

    GameObject knifeObject;
    // Serializing the field means you can see it in the editor, but it's not public.
    void Start ()
        // Assign the Knife Object.
    void Update()
        if (Input.getkeydown(keycode.mouse0)) // or attack button
            knifeObject.transform.position += knifeObject.transform.forward;
            knifeObject.transform.rotate (knifeObject.right);

This will do for a start. Add some timers and things to get it right.