programming skills with unity?

Hi Everyone,
Im new with unity and I want to know one thing :
Do you need any programming skills (in C or C++) with unity?
Thanks you for your help,

To create a full game (unless you have a programmer)you will need to program. Unity offers any of three scripting languages at your disposal, Javascript(referred to the community as Unity script), C#,and Boo.

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In unity, there ARE options to NOT use coding, like Playmaker (made for people who want to make games without using code), and there is always the option to scrounge the internet for scripts and models and such. I really urge you to take the time to learn Unityscript, the Javascript API that Unity uses. I can point you to some Javascript tutorials, and the Script Reference. Also, I’ll give you a link for Playmaker.

Javascript Tutorial:

Script Reference: Unity - Scripting API:

Playmaker: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making