Progression height affected by the width ? why

Hi, I have been trying to reproduce the following example:

Everything works fine, however the problem I have now, is that the health bar height is affected by the percent hp. What I need is to only have the width of the health bar to change.

I do not understand why that happens.

Here is my code:

var nativeVerticalResolution = 1050.0;
var nativeHorizontalResolution = 1680.0;
var hpframeImage : Texture;
var hphealthImage : Texture;
var percenthp : float;
var maxhp : float;
var myhp : float;

function Start()
    maxhp = Player_mvmnt_player1.maxhp;
    myhp = Player_mvmnt_player1.myhp;

function OnGUI()
    GUI.matrix = Matrix4x4. TRS (, Quaternion.identity, Vector3 (Screen.width / nativeHorizontalResolution, Screen.height / nativeVerticalResolution, 1));

    GUI.Label(Rect (10, hpframeImage.height, hpframeImage.width, hpframeImage.height), hpframeImage);

    maxhp = Player_mvmnt_player1.maxhp;
    myhp = Player_mvmnt_player1.myhp;
    percenthp = myhp / maxhp;

    GUI.Label(Rect (10, hphealthImage.height, (hphealthImage.width * percenthp), hphealthImage.height ), hphealthImage);


Labels are affected by the Label style, which use borders and margins, both changing the size.

Instead, use GUI.DrawTexture, which will draw it exactly where you specify with the Rect