Progressive GPU switches to Progressive CPU 2019.2


I’m trying to bake textures of a pretty big scene using GPU. But when I press Bake after a while the baking switches from Progressive GPU to Progressive CPU.

I managed to include baking GPU only once, and then, unfortunately, had to stop the process, because it was necessary to make urgent edits on the scene.


CPU: AMD Radeon 5 3600

What happened now? Why Unity switching to Progressive CPU.

P.S. On GPU ~30min, on CPU ~9h O_o

I had the same issue, try to reduce the memory usage for baking.
I reduced Lightmap Size until it worked.
You can test it by putting 512 x 512 resolution first. If it works, try to optimize lightmap uvs from Maya/Max and then increase the Lightmap Size.

Uncheck the Prioritize View and try again. This should work. But you can receive error.