ProGrids /ProBuilder always snaps even if turned off

since friday i cant build or move anything without grid/snap i can change the grid/snap-size via the ProGrids options but no matter if it is turned on or off im stuck to the snaps did i messed something up without noticing?

I made a new 3d project and got nothing loaded in exepte of ProGrids and ProBuilder.

and if i press "v" and drag an object it is stuck to the grid for 4-5m then it is smooth without snap but only on straight lines diagonals dont work.

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Hi @Link_95 ,
Which Unity and PB versions are you using?
Did you do something on Friday that could explain a change (update of ProBuilder or ProGrid)?

Have you enabled the snapping from Unity ? If I remember correct it can influence ProBuilder placement.
It can only be enable/disable in the Global context.

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Hey, has anyone found a solution for this, cause I opened my unity project and I was trying to make a table and it's forcing it to be either 1 or 0 when I'm trying to move the faces, progrids snapping is turned off, progrids also won't let you change the snap settings when editing a face of an object as it is grayed out, has anyone found a fix for this outside of pressing CTRL before grabbing the handles

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This is happening to me as well. I'm using Unity 2019.4.36f1 Personal (64bit). I inset on a face of a cube and I'm trying to extrude the face out. The face will only travel a full grid square, even if ProGrids Snapping is disabled. If I move the entire cube, it can move normally without snapping so long as the ProGrids snapping is disabled. Interestingly, the "Toggle Grid Snapping on and off" icon to the right of "Toggle Tool Handle Rotation" remains unclickable no matter if it's set to Local or Global. Maybe that is because I'm using ProGrids and it is disabled to prevent conflict. Has anyone found a solution?

7908889--1008349--grid problem.PNG

This is also blocking me

I'm seeing this behavior for resizing but not moving. When the progrid snapping is set to OFF, I can move things around without them snapping to grid. But when resizing objects, they are still snapped to the grid, without changing any other toggles.

This is on Unity version 2020.3.37.f1.git.9201280 .

I've been getting this issue too! And it's driving me mental

Excuse us for the long time absence on that thread!
We are going to look in to that really soon and come back with answers!
@LJohnno , could you tell me which ProBuilder/Progrids versions you are using? Thanks