“Project is not valid”?

I tried to open multiple projects, and they first would have missing objects and errors. Now when I open one unity project, I go to the scenes, and the whole unity would crash? Now I can’t make a project with Unity, I just get the error “Project is not valid”? What am I missing or doing wrong? Am I just theoretically banned from using Unity?

So I dont have any of these problems, what do I do?

Well, I understand a few bugs and crashes now and then, but that situation is over the top!

In my experience the normal reasons I have had happened to me that cause Unity act specially weird for a prolonged period of time were the follow:

  1. Low storage space, you have less than 10gb of memory on your drive. And/or Hard drive is damaged.
  2. Not enough ram, this has caused for me a lot of null pointer references randomly.
  3. Bad cpu. it just doesnt run properly.
  4. No GPU/Bad GPU. makes 3d games on runtime run reaaaaally badly.
  5. Corrupted project files.
  6. And conflicting files from lets say a repo pull.

Again, this were examples that happened to me. My solutions were mainly to clean reset my pc or replace/upgrade the needed component. You can also try reinstalling the project from a stable version of github and also reinstall the Unity version you are using.

Definitely check if it could be one of this things!