Project Layout Broken Since Unity 5.2 Update

I had been building a Unity project for a couple of months, since Unity 5 was released. I just updated to 5.2, but since doing so my layout is ruined (and continues to be).

This is how my scene view looked in 5.1:

After upgrading to 5.2, opening the project does not show this layout. Even if I then correct the layout so that it appears as in the first image, and then save the scene / project, closing Unity or pressing the Play button reverts it to the following broken layout:

This is my first Unity project, and I’m currently just constructing a series of menus using a UI composed of a few nested canvases. The content outside of the canvases is intended to be moved during the scene, but I’ve placed it outside of the canvas so that I can still see it while developing.

Perhaps it’s my newbie approach to Unity that’s causing this problem for me, but whatever the reason I am unable to continue working on my project since 5.2.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem after updating to 5.2. This is a major bug for me.