Project management software?

I have used Basecamp, not overly fond of its look and way of doing things, hate its price.

I have found Planio which is based on Redmine, am liking this!
However, get outside of the small plan and the price makes BC seem like a happy meal.

Any other suggestions, am looking for more than just making a chart, I like these features of listing game features / bugs wiki - more sort of an all in one container for the whole project.

I am a Mac user and had hoped than one of the Omni Groups products would do it, but alas no.
Not even looking for a web tool really, just one that either uses Dropbox or iCloud to share out.


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Hi, yeah.. is anyone else using a project management software for their game development projects. Looking at a list here:

anyone recommend a good one for game dev.. easy to use, cheap or free, generates charts etc...


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You might try openProj ( if you're on a window box, or Project Libre ( if you're on a mac. Both are based on MS project, and while they lack some features, are more than serviceable for those on a tight/indie budget.

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oh, thaks Tumbo. that looks good. I just found this link also, this one is looking nice but expensive. but looks like there is a discount for indie devs...

actually I don't think this tool is a project management tool, only a design tool, not sure. Will check out your link more closely..

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Looks like an old thread, but just in case someone is still looking for a project management tool, I recommend
It's totally free to use, but it has also got a decent paid plan for bigger teams. The good thing about it is that it doesn't restrict number of members or the duration of use in the community (free) version. It's just limited by the number of tasks which is reasonably enough to work in a small group.

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There's also a thread on Hack'n'Plan, advertising itself as "Trello for game development."

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I'm very happy with Trello (and if you want a self-hosted version, check out WeKan).

Not too intrusive and prevents anyone from going overboard with management (I have seen anal retentive bureaucracy suck the motivation and creativity out of people, so I prefer a certain level of anarchy and informal information communication to rigid management :smile:).

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Did you see this new project management tool at It's free and allows unlimited team members. The tool has all the common features and additional options to give extra advantage when managing a project. You can search inside a project board, add deadline to tasks, live chat with team members, create report with different filters, see tasks by deadline or team member and much more. I am loving this tool and recommend it to everyone else.

Depending on your team size (and wallet size), you could check out Dapulse. It's actually being renamed to . It's very lightweight and I was able to get a team of 10 up and running within a few minutes, with 7 artists who spent about 1 day doing things incorrectly, didn't have to ask any questions on how to use it, and generally enjoy using it daily. It has a mobile app as well. It has tools for you to customize the program if you want to get really detailed for larger projects but for game projects with indie teams it works great without modification (imo).

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@Zooch - looks pretty good, like something mid-way between trello and hack'n'plan. I hope you'll reply back here in a few weeks to let us know how it's working out for you in the long run.

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I've been using it for 6 months and we have over 850 tasks listed in various stages of completion (most in backlog, ~200 completed, ~50 in WIP stages). So far its going well :) I just cringe a little when the bill comes as I think it's a bit more expensive than the competition, but as a producer of 6-7 different projects over the past 10 years, it's certainly the best and easiest I've used so far.


Yes I am using various PM Tool during development in Unity. Few of them are Asana, Basecame and FindNerd PM Tool.
All of them are good. But recently in our organization, we are using Findnerd Project Mnagement Tool, one of the best Task Tracking and Free Project Management Tools as compared to others. One thing I like about it is free of cost and it also provides a rich set of features while still allowing the end-user to have the flexibility of using them as per their need. Do have a look.

There are lots of project management tools available in the market but if you are looking for alternatives to trello then I think this link can help you

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[quote=“amitkakkar2001”, post:13, topic: 476541]
There are lots of project management tools available in the market but if you are looking for alternatives to trello then I think this link can help you
Nice to see Zenkit on the list. I’ve been using it for awhile and can only say nice things about it so far.

I’ve use Atlassian for many many projects. It has a lot of really nice features but I’m not in finance so I have no idea how much it costs. I’ve worked at small companies so it can’t be too much.

Check out what Zazmic recently released: . Comprehensive in-app QA functionality. You can write and run individual tests, manage and track software testing without extra plugins for it

Try Boombirds! Really one heck of a Business Process Management Software. It ensures business process adherence, by organising tasks into logical, actionable, procedural-based workflows and comes with optional field and fleet tracking. You can improve your productivity by managing your business process efficiently across your office & field staff. Most importantly, you need not pay a penny for the trial and also do not need a credit card. One of the pretty rare and cool feauture in 2019 I guess.

I love this one:
Z-Stream is an all-in-one tool that keeps everything in place

i believe jira is most used in game industry

Azure Dev Ops (previously Visual Studio Team Services) is free for small teams as well: