Project moved from Mac to PC: different colors


I copied 1:1 a project from Mac to PC, and the imported texture on the PC do have different colors, like yellow becomes blue.

Here the example: the big texture (.psd file) is opened in Photoshop CS2, and the small one is the preview in Unity (4.5.2f1):


The workaround I’ve found is to create a new file using Gimp, copy paste the entire image into Gimp, save it as png and import in Unity. But yes, it’s just a workaround…

Some more info:

The project is targeted to Android, but the same problem also happens when switching to other platforms.

Texture import settings is set to GUI, I also tried a lot of different combinations, but nothing changes.

Any Idea?

Thank you in advance for your help!

I have no such issues with mac to pc or pc to mac and PSD.

When I’m saving the file though, I’m ticking the ICC profile box for the color profile and use sRGB 2.1 profile.

But really, it shouldn’t change colors, you are not going from RGB to CMYK when going from one OS to the other. What changes is the gamma setting that the default is different between the OSs.

Thanks screenname_taken, I checked those settings and are the same, BUT I’ve found where the problem is! (@meat5000 something that I overlooked before)

Color mode (RGB) has to be 8 bit and not 16 bit!

Thanks all for your time :slight_smile: