Project Tiny compatibility with the Cordova Framework

We are working with a Broadcaster, who have a html5 based app, with a lot of kids games.
The app is made using the Cordova web-app application framework (js based).

We have found a compatibility bug when trying to run a Project Tiny project, through their app.
It starts throwing errors, when the cordova framework starts loading/executing (even before the game code starts loading).

Cordova does mention anywhere, that it does not support stack tracing. Or that it uses managed exceptions. But that does offcause not means, that it is not the case(s).

So the question is, whether this is a well know compatibility bug - Project Tiny will never by able to run inside the framework at all?
-or if there is a work-around?
-or if there is a upcoming fix?

  • or if maybe never versions of the Cordova framework might fix this?

Any pointers, would be really great.

Thanks for your interest in Project Tiny.
Over the summer a lot of changes have happened around Project Tiny, please be sure to check the update we shared late September:

In general for anything related to Preview/Experimental project use our forum

To your specific issue, we are no doing anything that would prevent embedding a Project Tiny build into a Cordova based mobile app. However Cordova is not currently part of the scenario we are testing, so it’s possible there are conflicts.

That being said, and as explained in our forum post mentioned above we are working on a new preview that will introduce lots of breaking changes, so we stopped supporting the current branch (preview-0.16.1 and below).

We expect a new build before the end of the year, so stay tuned.