Project Upload

Hello guys ,I am new in unity and I would like to know how can upload a project online (ex : on dropbox) so someone could help me identifying a mistake or smth else …

I have only a 2 prefabs a few animations and 1 script , which files do I need to upload ? so
that the other one who wants to test my project just downloads them and runs it .

Thank you!

You just need to make a package of your scene. And other user will click on this .unitypackage file and get the scene.

  1. Select the scene in project window

  2. Go To Assests → Export package (It will open up the window)

  3. Make sure that your "Include dependencies" has check mark on it.

  4. click to Export

  5. save the file and send it to your friend. Now he just need to double click it.