Project won't delete

I went to the unity file and deleted it and everything, but the project is still there and won’t go away.

Step1: Open Unity 3D.

Step2: Go to The Tab Create New Project.

Step3: You now see a diractory(C:\Users\USER\Documents\New Unity Project 1)

Step4: Copy the path without the Unity Project. Like so → (**C:\Users\USER\Documents**)

Step5: Hold down the windows key and click “R”.

Step6: Paste your path in the search box.

Step7: You are now at your Project folder here you can view/edit/delete your project. (Be Carefull)

Step8: You can also make a backup by copying these files.

If the “Create New Project” Menu Doens’t show up, then do this.

Step1: Open Unity 3D.

Step2: Hold “CTRL” and click “N”

It should open.