projectile issue please help me its annoying mme badly

i am trying to make the tornado twins wormanator game and i decided to change the projectile to some more like a bullet which i modled in blender (ver very good programme for modeling by the way its also free try it) anyway the projectile will shoot in the direction i want but it will always face the same directio e.g. if i play my game and shoot without moving it looks great but if i turn 90 or any other direction the projectile goes in the direction i want it to but faces the same way as wen i started the game when i was shootong and not movving ?????? HELP MEEEEEHH plzzzzzzz

Did you try to set the direction of the projectile to be the same as your own direction when shooting?

For example:

Instantiate(Projectile, transform.position, transform.rotation);

I made the projectile's rotation the same as the shooter's rotation.