Projecting a video onto an irregular surface

Hello All,
I am very new to unity but have plenty of experience in maya and a couple of other pieces of 3d software.

what I’m trying to achieve is pre visualizing an art installation, where I intend to project onto a building.

The purpose of doing it in Unity is 2 fold, firstly it will allow sponsors to understand the complex concept in an interactive fashion and secondly allow me to test my work prior to the installation on site to make sure everything is working as it should.

any starting points for research would be appreciated.

I have done real world projection mapping a number of times before ( the premiere of hobbit 3 in Newzealand was the last), usually I use a laser cut model to practice on, so I’m not asking how to create video mapped content, more if there is a way to project video onto a non planar mesh in unity.

many thanks

Ben Foot

Hi , Unity treated Movie files as a “texture” of sorts , it is a pro only feature so I’ve never been able top use them myself, but apparently unity treats them like a regular image, so theoretically if you UV mapped a 3D model to fit inside the texture area, you move should be able to play on that surface

in other words you literally just assign the Move to the material of the model you want it to play on. Like I said though because Unity Free doesn’t import Movies at all, I don’t know this for certainty