Projection Mapping a texture, into UV of objects

Hi all!

For a project I’m working on, I would like to do the following in realtime:

  • “Project” a texture onto one or multiple meshes (mostly planes), using parallel (perspective and ortographic), cylindrical or radial mapping. I then need to be able to move, rotate and scale the texture-projection

  • Then, “read back” the result of above mapping per mesh, to be able to render that mesh with the warped (part of the) texture to a seperate rendertexture.

Example of the kind of projection mappings I’m looking for:

Anyone have a clue where to start looking?


Some more links, where this is based on:

You can use the triplanar shader node.

Tutorial: What is a Triplanar? Create A World Space UV Shader Graph for a Tileable Material - Unity Tutorial - YouTube