Projection mapping/camera mapping a texture?

I’m very new to the Unity environment so I may be asking a simple question or biting off more than I can handle.

In C4D I can take a texture and have it be mapped from a specific camera so that it always looks correct to that camera. For example take a picture of a city and project it on a hemisphere and have it look straight to an observer camera. Like so:

alt text

However, the “projected” texture eventually won’t be a static image, but rather a Render Texture which will be fed by another camera in the scene. The projector will also have to move around the object that is moving in the scene.

I’ve played with the projector object but I haven’t quite gotten a handle on whether that is what I need to use, or if I need to look into finding the right shader/making one myself.

Can anyone direct me to the right path to get started?

I think what you actually want is to UV map your hemisphere using a “project from view” option (I use Blender, not C4D, but I guess you have something equivalent).

Nothing to do in Unity then, just assign the texture.

Does the type of UV mapping used by those programs actually carry over? I had been under the (probably wrong)assumption that each program has their own UV mapping methods, so doing ‘project from view’ map in c4d wouldn’t necessarily carry over…especially since it would need to assign the map to an external camera. If that does seem to be something Blender can do then maybe I’ll make the switch.

And again, the texture will be a unity render texture from another camera, which should make sense…but just wanted to mention just in case