Projector displays tiled texture across entire scene

I have seen people with this problem, so I thought I'd post it and answer it, too. I'm trying to get my score up, so please vote for it!

Projectors will sometimes display a tiled texture across the entire scene, even when the exact same setting as the included Blob Shadow projector are used. Additive shader, multiply shader, it makes little difference, the problem lies elsewhere. What is going on?

The answer is quite simple:

The problem lies in the settings of the individual texture. Changing the import setting to have the texture "clamp" instead of "wrap" solves things quite nicely.

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Iv seen 2 additional problems with projectors not mentioned hear yet.

  1. Clamping: clamping will only work if the outer edge of the texture your trying to use is transparent.

  2. Mipmaping: disable mipmaping for the texture your using or when you reduce the resolution of the texture you will recreate the the clamping problem again.

Unfortunately, setting the texture settings to "Clamp" instead of "wrap" does not solve things quite nicely, or indeed, at all. It may be true that this can sometimes be the problem, but this is not the only time it happens.

I'm having this problem too. it seems that the Projector don't limit itself to the correct area. It affects everything on the scene below the projector.

Opened project from Unity 2.* in 3.3 - blob shadows works fine.
Created my own clear project and tried to make projector works without filling everything and not in right position - failed.
Matched first and second project after that and find out that textures for projector must be prepared with set of options, not only a clamp mode needed :slight_smile:

So the best way is to create test project with default Projectors asset and look there how it works.

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Sorry for digging up this question but I have this problem in Unity 5. Even changing settings of texture to clamp isn’t working :frowning:

I want to project targetlike texture to the point where a bomb is gonna fall, what should I use as alternative for this if it can not be done with projectors?



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