Projector does not contain a definition for 'material'

I’m trying to project an underwater caustics effect for my game, but I can’t figure out how to assign the material of the projector.

Here’s my original code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Projector : MonoBehaviour {

	public float fps = 30.0f;
	public Texture2D[] frames;
	private int FrameIndex;
	private Projector CausticsProjector;

	void Start()
		CausticsProjector = GetComponent<Projector> ();
		NextCausticsFrame ();
		InvokeRepeating ("NextCausticsFrame", 1 / fps, 1 / fps);

	void NextCausticsFrame()
		//Here's where I get the error
		CausticsProjector.material.SetTexture("_ShadowTex", frames [FrameIndex]);
		FrameIndex = (FrameIndex + 1) % frames.Length;

After reading a few things, I thought changing it to this might fix it:

	GetComponent<Projector>().material.SetTexture("_ShadowTex", frames [FrameIndex]);

but that hasn’t fixed it either. I also am getting a lot of “The object of type object has been destroyed, but you are still trying to access it,” messages.

Ok, it works in any new script I make, I just created a new script and copied the old one. Everything works fine now.