Projector - How to project texture with no transparency.

We’re having an issue where we are simply trying to project a solid green target ring onto the ground. The problem we’re having is making it solid. No matter what we have tried, it still has a transparency to it, and is blending with the ground textures.

Is there a solution to this? Are we missing a very simple setting that we’re just not seeing? Thank you!

It all depends what Shader you are using for the Projector. The two provided with Unity, “Projector/Light” and “Projector/Multiply” always blend. Here is some information on alternative shaders:

In particular, see towards the end about blending for a “straight alpha-blending” shader.

I believe a Projector is just like a light, so it adds to the existing rendering.

"The Projector can be used to project any material onto the scene - just like a real world projector. The properties exposed by this class are an exact match for the values in the Projector’s inspector.

It can be used to implement blob or projected shadows. You could also project an animated texture or a render texture that films another part of the scene. The projector will render all objects in its view frustum with the provided material."

If you want to put a sort of marker ontop of lets say a ground, then I would make a marker object/prefab with a cube or plane and then map the texture on this object and then move the object around. This might be a problem if your ground is a terrain, as you would need to ajust for the heightmap.

Another solution might be to use a spotlight with a lightcookie, then make the light only shine on certain layers. But I am not sure if thats a working solution.