Projector projecting on both sides of object

Hey Everyone, the projector I’ve setup is projecting the image I want onto and object, however, it’s projecting the image on the front and back of this object. Any idea what I can do to stop it happening. It’s on a sphere and the texture is going through to show on the opposite side as well. Any ideas to get it to just project on the side nearest/facing it? Thanks :smiley:

There is something called Decal System. I’m not sure if it’s a free Asset or such. But you should check it out.

Also read this: There seem to be a solution, within the shader itself. Scroll down and check the issues and a possible fix.

I also encountered this issue while trying to project onto a sphere. I am not an expert on projectors, so I might be wrong about this, but from what I gather, projectors draw onto all the vertices of all objects that intersect their frustum, even if some of those vertices are actually outside of the frustum. So it’s a feature not a bug unfortunately.

Here are some possible workarounds. I haven’t tried any of them yet.

  • You can use sprites that float just above the surface in place of projectors, though this is a little tricky with a spherical object.
  • You could chop your sphere into pieces. As long as the piece on the far side is outside of the projector’s frustum, the projector won’t draw on it.
  • The solution I am contemplating is similar to the pieces idea. Rather than chopping up my sphere, I am thinking of projecting onto a transparent hemisphere just above its surface. This hemisphere would rotate to face the camera.

Hope this helps. If anyone has an easier solution, I would also love to know.

You can add a realtime spotlight that has a cookie.