Projector question for a Level Design Map

Hello guys

I was wondering if you guys know how to make a map projector object.

I want the projector to project a image of my level onto the scene so I know where to place my game objects and start building the level. I have a drawn top down image that I am using. Our instructor did this in my level design class but he is no longer with us.

Think you guys can point me in the right direction on how to make one?

add the component to an empty game object. the rest is setting up the projector with your material that has your image on it. For what youre trying to do, i would make sure orthographic is checked.

After reading this question, I’m quite sure you go to Full Sail in the Game Design Bachelors program, and I believe the Projection Volume used was something we were specifically given as a tool they made. (I could be wrong) So you’ll need to contact the instructor in order to get it to actually work correctly. I believe you need to set the shader to either transparent, so if you’ve downloaded it as a PNG, the blank areas wont render, or as the standard shader, and that will render what you need it to. Though its been months since I was in that class, so I could very well be wrong.