Projector stops working on Terrain with "Draw Instanced" enabled

So I’ve noticed that Projector doesn’t doesn’t work on terrain when “Draw Instanced” is enabled (2018.3 feature).

I’d really like to use GPU instancing since it’s a huge performance boost but projector is also an important component I’m utilizing here.

Is it not possible to use projector with instancing enabled or is this a bug? if not, how can I make the projector work on terrain?

I was just trying out projectors for an idea I had… but found this same issue.
I also noted that when switched off the projection was inconsistent across the terrain and looked bloody awful. It did not stay within the frustum and if I quote the documentation “just like a real world projector” IT was far from being that!

So I’m probably going to use a second camera, some sprites, raycast to place on terrain and careful layering and depth setup so it’s always rendered above the terrain to give the same effect. Just with more consistency and I can still use Draw Instanced on terrain.

I really hope they fix this soon. I use decals for explosion marks on the ground and would love to use the new instancing to enhance performance.

Same here, found out this issue. a fix would be real nice.

Any news on that one? Is there a way to put a projector now on a terrain with “instanced” checked?

Not fixed in 2020 with new Terrain tools.