projectors... how do you make them correctly?

unity 5,

created an empty game object

added projector component

Made a Projector/light material

used textures that are set to clamp and don’t have mip maps.

i aim projector at the ground and strange behavior happens.

instead of a nice decal sitting in my scene happily being drawn across multiple objects i get each object in the frustum with a little white blotch in its top right hand corner… no mater how i move or rotate the projector or object the white stays in the same place.

ive read a lot of the posts related to projectors.
tried a lot of the suggestions. but this seems broken or im just missing something very basic.

i am hoping for the latter.

would be ever so thankful for any help.


It might be with your cubes material. Is it the standard shader? If it is custom and has no projection mapping, it wont work properly.
If not, try replacing the shader with the one on this question :

Also btw, thats some funky rotation youve got there.