Projectors Projecting both directions...

I have a problem with projectors projecting up and down (forwards and backwards).

The docs ( say:

"When no Falloff Texture is used in the projector's Material, it can project both forward and backward, creating "double projection". To fix this, use an alpha-only Falloff texture that has a black leftmost pixel column."

I am, however, using a Falloff texture:

alt text

This is true whether I'm using Projector Multiply or Projector Additive:

alt text

It makes no difference if I'm using a perspective or orthographic projector:

alt text alt text

Nor if I change the clipping planes:

alt text alt text

Hints and suggestions?

That's probably because your falloff texture isn't set to generate alpha from greyscale. Don't forget to set the wrap mode to clamp as well.

I know this is 4 months late, but I hope it helps anyone else that ran into this problem.

I had the same problem. Increasing the size of the left black pixel band seemed to reduce the size of the backwards projection, but not eliminate it. And that also reduced the near limit of the projected image undesirably.

To fix it, turn off mip maps. In the texture settings, change Texture Type → Advanced. Then uncheck “Generate Mip Maps”.
Also, set Wrap Mode = Clamp.
I’m using Filter Mode = Point, but I don’t notice a difference if I use Bilinear or Trilinear.

For my Falloff image, I’m using RGB 16pix tall by 1024pix wide image white image that has an alpha channel that is white except for a black 1-pixel wide band on the left side. (I imagine using an RGB no-alpha image with a black band on the left site, and setting “grayscale to alpha” would accomplish the same thing.)