Project's terrain disappeared

I was creating a game and suddenly unity crashed. When I reopened the project all objects and terrain was disappeared! Terrain was null. Note that I saved the project and the scene before crashing! Please help I spent over one week to create that scene!


A search of the problem yielded no real results for me, and to be honest it sounds like one of the project files may have got corrupted. At which point I’m not sure there is much you can do. This is not a lecture but a robust backup procedure is essential for any development environment. Here is what I do at the end of EVERY session:

1 - Make a copy of the Project folder and rename it with a sequential number ie. Project Backup 1. On my current project I keep around a weeks worth of back dated copies in case a problem had been lurking for a while but I’d not noticed it.

2 - Copy Both the Current Project AND the sequentially named copy to a second or external drive (I copy to a NAS).

3 -(Optional) - Backup to Cloud Storage. This is something else I do as if there is a fire and everything is lost, it’s still in the cloud.

I have the whole process automated so I click a button and everything is done, and I get various email notifications. Cloud backup runs over night.

Why do I do all this? Because I once lost various bits of music I had created to a HDD failure, and I swore I would learn a lesson from it.

Not much help now, but when the NEXT data loss happens (and it will), you can feel smug about being able to fix it quick, losing at most a days work.

Either way good luck trying to sort it out.