ProjectSettings.txt is corrupt

After launching my project, i get this:

The contents of the ProjectSettings.txt file for the project located in C:/Users/username/Documents/Project1 are corrupt.
Please fix the contents of the file.

After looking in my files, i realised i cant find anything like that. I’m using Unity 2018.4.10f1

So my question is, how can i fix something that does not exist? Is this a bug or can it be somehow fixed??

I have the same bug.

File ProjectSettings.txt has never existed. There are only ProjectSettings.asset or ProjectVersion.txt.

This is clearly a bug.

It’s never complaining about the opened project, always about some other project in the launcher.

@DeathRace26 I’m sure you’ve long solved this, but for anyone googling an answer, I found that the file didn’t exist where it said, just like @Qbit86 mentioned. So I just copied one from another older project from before the upgrade and that fixed it. Any old project, didn’t seem to matter.

I was happy with the version I was using before this, but due to Apple deprecating references to UIWebView I was forced to move my nearly finished game from 2018.2.6f1 to 2018.4.10f1 (eventually settled at 2018.4.17f1 as 4.10 caused a major touch control issue I couldn’t solve). Luckily this was the only sticking point after I got all the major ones ironed out.