Prop Animation Import

Hi everyone,

I am doing a first person shooter and I am having some trouble working the relevant animations. I have done the animations in Autodesk Maya 2011. All my animations, however require the use of a prop - a gun. I have done the Maya animation with the prop, but when I import it into Unity, the animation will not play. I cannot quite work out exactly what the problem is but I’m considering that:

a. It doesn’t work because the model on which the animation is being played does not have the prop.
b. It doesn’t work because the camera is directly in front of the character’s head, so the arms or legs might hit the camera, thus stopping the animation.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

P.S. If I am taking the wrong approach to animate my character, could someone point me to some good first person shooter animation techniques?

The camera doesn’t have a collision (I don’t think), so that shouldn’t be the problem. The arms/legs would clip through the camera though.

Are you sure you’re exporting it correctly?

If you have a script to play the animation, try just enabling the play animation on start, then check if it runs at the very beginning. I’d suggest using .FBX too, just because I’m comfortable with it.