Proper use of Camera WorldToScreenPoint

Hi. So i am trying to move a GUI element on a GUICanvas according to a position of the object in a world.

void UpdateTargetLockPosition(){
targetLockIndicator.transform.position = Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(target.transform.position);

When i look straight at the object - everything`s fine, but when i look away - it still on the screen, just moving in a reversed directions.

How can i give a restriction to this element movement or drawing? so i wont see it on the screen if i dont see the 3dobject ?

Thanks !

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You could avoid displaying the object if the object is not in front of the camera. Take the dot product of the camera forward and a vector pointing from the camera to the object. If the dot product is less than zero, it’s “behind” the camera and you can stop drawing the object.

float dot = Vector3.Dot( (targ.position - cam.position).normalized, cam.forward );
if (dot <= 0) // don't draw ui target marker