Properly scaling scrolview

Hi everyone. I am working on an existing project and trying to change old GUI system with the new one. My Unity is 4.6.3 now and I am having a problem about scrolview. I really need to solve this in order to move on because I am changing menus which include lots of sliders.

This is my setup right now.

There is a slider at the left side of the screen. I set this screen at 16:10 whit this unity layout. All reds are squares with 50 pixels and all anchors are same as the example.(4 anchor at 4 points in order to perfect scaling.)

Until now(While I do not work with sliders), I am perfectly working on my menus and I can easily scale them for different sizes and rations thanks to anchor points. But when I create a slider and change the game screen, things does not happen as I wanted to be.

As I show on this image, when I drag game scene to the left, cubes which is at the right side of the screen(Child of Panel1) keep their positions and ratios as cubes. This is what I want normally. But cubes in the ScrollView, lost their ratio as cube and become a wider rectangle, 5th red cube pop from the bottom of the panel. What I really want is keeping the ratio inside of the scroll view. Is this possible ? Because when I start game with maximize on play, this get messy.

I hope I can explain my problem. I want to see 4 cubes as exactly as I create the scene.

Tie all your 4 anchors of your “Scroll rectangles” into 1 single position at the top of your “ScrollView”. Depending if your “ScrollView” can slam from the sides your “single top anchor position” should be at the X place where you expect your rectangles to align from.

Let me explain you how anchors work:

-All 4 anchor points represent your rectangles corners (if rotated their projection rectangle corner).

-Now on change of aspect ratio you get all 4 anchors positions and calculate your rectangle corners changes accordingly to your anchor points changes. (So in your case your anchor points slams your rectangle’s height if your screen gets wider and slams your rectangle’s width if your screen gets narrowed).

P.S. Here you have a screens of how it works:

alt text

Read this or watch this or both.