Properties names, same as class okay or bad?

Very quick question on best practices for using property names that match the class they are caching, for example:

private MyClassName _myClassName = null;

// Is using the same exact name for the property a bad idea?
public MyClassName MyClassName
        if( _myClassName == null ) _myClassName = GetComponent<MyClassName>();
        return _myClassName;

Thanks for any feedback on the matter guys!

Simply put: bad, for various reasons.

  1. It’s badly legible.

  2. It’s wrong, conceptually. A property references an instance of a class, not the class itself. If you have a property that references a class called “Book”, for example, its name should also help understand what type of “Book” are you referencing (like “philosophyBook” instead than simply “book”).

  3. You could encounter naming conflicts, especially if you change your naming style. For example, maybe one day you’ll want to use a more “official” naming style (where public properties start with an uppercase), and thus you’ll have a property that has the same exact name of a class, which is not allowed.