Properties of a cemara from cliping planes

Is it possible to calculate camera properties e.g. pos, rotation field of view from four points which will represent far and near clipping planes

Short answer is yes. But i think you need 8 points for that not 4. 4 points for near and 4 points for far clipping pane.

The following code finds the positoin using some geometry.

public class InverseCameraCalculator {
    public struct CameraInfo {
        public Vector3 position;

    public static CameraInfo CalculateCameraInfo(Vector3[] nearClippingPane, Vector3[] farClippingPane) {
        CameraInfo ci;

        Vector3 nearCenter =;
        for(int i = 0; i < nearClippingPane.Length; i++) {
            nearCenter += nearClippingPane*;*

Vector3 farCenter =;
for(int i = 0; i < farClippingPane.Length; i++) {
farCenter += farClippingPane*;*
var nearToFarCenterVector= (nearCenter - farCenter);
var distanceBetweenPanes = farToNearCenterVector.magnitude;
var nearDimension = (nearClippingPane[1] - nearClippingPane[0]).magnitude;
var farDimension = (farClippingPane[1] - farClippingPane[0]).magnitude;

// this is sometihg like similiraty between triangles. I am not really good at names of the formulas but i know math.
var nearPaneDistance = (distanceBetweenPanes / (farDimension - nearDimension)) * nearDimension;

ci.position = (nearToFarCenterVector/ distanceBetweenPanes) * nearPaneDistance + nearCenter;

return ci;

There might be some little errors on my calculation because i did not tested it but you should be able to fix them when you understand the logic behind it.
The following image is the visualized representations of some variables used in code.